The general terms and conditions used by 2Dynamic are drawn up by the ICT ~ Office trade association. This association represents the interests of IT, telecom, internet and office companies in the Netherlands.

Filed at the Chamber of Commerce Central Netherlands under number 30174840.


The modules that apply to our products and services are the following:

  • General
  • License for software
  • Software development
  • Software maintenance
  • Development and maintenance of a website
  • Web hosting
  • Education and training
  • Advice, consultancy and project management

Processor agreement

Our processor agreement consists of two parts:

  • the Data Pro Statement
  • the Standard processing clauses.

In the Data Pro Statement, we indicate in substance what processing the software is suitable for, what type of data is processed, how we protect the personal data, our data breach protocol and more.

The second part consists of the standard processing clauses. This includes all general subjects that must be included in a processing agreement on the basis of article 28, paragraph 3, GDPR. Click below to request the processor agreement.

Our processing agreement was last amended on 24 May 2018.


Our processor agreement was amended on 24 May 2018.
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